DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-10-27

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live stream:

This Week:

  • Stache 3.0 deprecations and features to prepare apps for Stache 4.0

Next Week:

  • Stache 4.0


  • New stache features and warnings

This Week:

Next Week:

  • Helping bring other packages back into 4.0 (can-connect, can-set, can-route are priority)
  • Maybe avoiding inserted and removed events and using MO instead.
  • DoneJS Chicago Canvas Clock hopefully done with 4.0


This past week:

  • Released v1.0.0 of can-observe. :tada:
  • Released v2.0.0-pre.0 of can-observe (compatible with in-development CanJS 4.0)

Next week:

  • Add new features to can-reflect for listening on when a value is bound (i.e. has listeners) and defining new properties
  • Use these new reflections :point_up: in can-define
  • Remove special expectations from can-connect/can/map behavior in favor of the new reflections

This week: (almost done!) finishing the new CanJS sidebar implementation

Next week: launch the new sidebar :smiley:

Demo: new sidebar

This Week: Logging/Debugging tools
Next Week: Off OS
Demo: Pretty logs, live and stack

This Week

  • Bug fixes in done-ssr/zones for Justin’s react presentation.
  • Finishing up react ssr guide.

Next Week

  • Release donejs 1.1
  • Move back to steal documentation.

This week

Next week

  • Continue solving canjs/donejs issues

This week: Working on logWhatChangesMe for DOM elements (can-view-live)

Next week: Get logWhatChangesMe output to include stache-bindings

Demo: Logging observable changes / DOM element dependencies

For more details:

This Week:

  • Worked with Kevin on can-stache 3.0 deprecations and features

Next Week:

  • Continue working with Kevin on can-stache 4.0

This Week

Next Week