DoneJS Contributors Summary – 2017-11-03

Please add your status if you’re a contributor.


This week:

Next week:

  • Hopefully will have a stache 4.0 ready for people to try out

Last week: launched the new sidebar on and the new community survey (learn more here)!

This week: community update blog post, help merge CanJS 3.12 changes into 4.0, fix any issues with the new sidebar, end of the survey

Last Week:

  • Worked with Chasen to release new sidebar on
  • Fixed several bugs in can-globals
  • Worked on a bug with scope.index in can-stache 3.x

This Week:

  • Work on bug in can-dom-data-state
  • Fix can-stache converters demos

Last Week

  • Worked on DoneJS 1.1 release (almost there!)

This Week

  • Releasing donejs 1.1.
  • Rewriting a lot of steal docs.

Last week

  • N/A

This week

  • Working on can-dom-mutate for Can 3.0