DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-07-21

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:


Topic: Streaming ViewModels revisited

This week:

  • investigating stache performance with can-reflect

Next week:

Last Week

  • H2 performance analysis
  • Released steal-push for H2 push support :sunglasses:

Next Week

  • Even more H2 performance analysis!

servicewoker support for steal-tools.
use and wrap it?
any thoughts?

@pYr0x I use that library in some personal projects. It will generate a sourcemap from a set of files. What sort of integration with steal are you looking to doing?

create a wrapper that can handle the graph response and create a sw.
webpack did something too.
i want to add a zero config sw possibility for steal-tools

This week:

  • Worked on miscellaneous build failures and other issues
  • Worked on code mod automation tooling

Next week:

  • Continue on code mod automation tooling

This Week

Working on some stealjs and steal-tools bugs

Next Week

  • Patch release for steal and steal-tools
  • Work on the next phase of the slim sloader

This Week:

  • Worked on issues for CanJS 3.9.1 release
    Next Week:
  • Finish all issues in the CanJS 3.9.1 epic

@pYr0x coming to the meeting?

Last week:

Next week:

This week:

  • Open a PR for generator-donejs

Next week:

  • Work on canjs/donejs issues.

This week:

Next Week:

Attendees: @chasen @cherif_b @chrisbitme @justinbmeyer @matthewp @phillipskevin @pYr0x

Discussed topics:

steal-push HTTP/2 middleware:

  • steal-tools can produce a bundle manifest file; see bundleManifest in the BuildOptions docs
  • steal-push consumes the bundle manifest file and can PUSH assets for any given route in your app
  • Works both as Express middleware and not
  • Still need to work out how not to push assets that the browser already has

Proposal: Streaming ViewModels:

Adding service worker support for steal-tools:

  • Idea: use the steal-tools bundle manifest to create a service worker that can cache your assets
  • Good first step towards adding offline support to DoneJS
  • More info on service workers
  • Google’s sw-precache “module for generating a service worker that precaches resources”


Contributing to DoneJS: