DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-08-25

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:

This Week:

  • Bitovi Reviews / talks

Next Week:

  • CanJS training


  • Surveys
  • on:updated:by:todos

[Just realized I didn’t post this after the meeting!]

Attendees: @chasen @cherif_b @justinbmeyer @matthewp @phillipskevin @pYr0x



  • Creates a service worker for apps built with steal-tools
  • Can pre-cache everything in the app’s dist folder
  • After first load, modules can be loaded from the cache
  • Long-term end goal: Baseline and Exemplary PWA support by supporting offline

New can-view-callbacks warning:

  • Original issue
    • Must set up attr callback before it’s used in a stache template
  • Cherif’s PR
    • Adds a warning when the attr is defined after it’s been requested

New community survey:

  • We want to collect more regular feedback from the community so we better understand the community’s needs
  • Will include a few basic things: how likely are you to recommend our projects, what versions are you using, and pick the top issues you’d like to see addressed
  • We’ll have more to announce in the coming months :slight_smile: