Front-end/UI widgets/controls

Is there any place that I can find canjs components that provide front-end controls. All the typical input, select, checkbox, etc. type controls?

I am sure there is currently quite a bit of duplication out there since folks surely do not use the html controls directly each time; other than maybe in the most basic of applications.

Would it be worthwhile putting together such a repository of controls built on bootstrap that can be re-used?

We’ve made some here:

It includes some bootstrap things (bitstrap) as well.

This looks like a great project, and I’ve just installed it via npm but I’m a little new to importing importing another canjs project and am getting an error trying to load it via Steal. When I do this: import 'bit-strap/modal/modal'; I get the following error:

steal.js:140 Potentially unhandled rejection [4] TypeError: Error loading "bit-strap@0.0.1#modal/modal.stache!can@2.2.1#view/stache/system" at <unknown>
Error loading "bit-strap@0.0.1#modal/modal.stache!can@2.2.1#view/stache/system" from "app" at /app.js
Cannot read property 'default' of undefined

The network logs show that can is getting imported from my project’s dependencies (v 2.3.x) and also the bit-tabs dependency. Could this be the problem?