How can i predefine a new can.connect instance to a available set

in this example i received a list of todos.,js,output
i want to add a new todo.

var t = new Todo({name: "Bar"});;

but the todo is not shown in the <li>. the problem is, that it is not set into the sets of fail.

how can i predefine that todo to be in the set of fail?

@pYr0x what does Todo.getList({fail: true}) represent? Why should a todo belong in that list? Which todos should not belong in it?

You’d have to add a rule to your set algebra. If the rule for fail is simple, you can do something like:

new set.Algebra({
  fail: function(set1Value, set2Value, set1, set2){
    return ?

Returning true will make everything belong in {fail: true}

@justinbmeyer i made a better example,js,output
how can i set the “go to school” todo to the today set?

@justinbmeyer any thought about that?

i found a anwser by my self:

if you create a new Todo, you have to add in which set you want to add the new Todo:

var t = new Todo({name: "go to school", today: "2016-04-26"});
will add a new Todo in the set => today: 2016-04-26

if you want also the displayed list sorted so have to specify a set.comparators.sort(). You need to request a sort-set
var todoPromise2 = Todo.getList({today: "2016-04-26", orderBy: "name"});.

here is a working exaple:,js,output