How can i stop sort being converted to comparator in new canjs update

I want to pass my own sort function to sort my list and want it to happen only once/ whenever i want it sort the list. Sorting was working as one time in old implementation of canJS. Latest code has argument.length check which adding a comparator which i don’t want. Please help me out in this. JSBIn:,console,output

Hi @SparshithNR. It looks like the problem you’re experiencing was introduced (by me) in this PR: as a result of a misunderstanding in this issue:

As you’ve effectively pointed out, this is a bug. I’ll bring it up to the team and plan on resolving the issue as soon as I have free time if they can’t get to it first.

@SparshithNR, I created a PR to resolve this issue:

It looks like it’s already been merged and I’ve been told the intention is to do a 2.3.24 release today or tomorrow. You should be able to test the change lickety split.

Thank you for the fix