DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 06 - 10



  • Release strategy for CanJS sub projects and DoneJS
  • Governance?

I’d also like to discuss some can-define APIs:

Specifically, .get(), .set(), .toObject, .item(index, [newVal]), and .items(). I don’t like how they are so different. I’m considering consolidating around .get() and .set().

toObject is needed for testing, I’d keep it.

.get() without arguments would replace it.

Last Week

  • Worked on StealJS 1.0 issues.

This Week

  • Releasing StealJS 1.0.0-beta (possibly today)
  • Helping to document CanJS 3.0

Ah, ok, in that case the only one I might keep is .item(0) for lists, because NodeLists also have that API (although arguably this is not an API very many people are familiar with).

This week:

  • DocumentJS changes to support a generator
    Next week:
  • Documentation

This week:

  • Add Chromium support to the test runner
  • Fix can-fixture bug for XHRs that are array buffers

Next week:

  • Remove Node 6 warnings from Testee
  • StealJS UMD support (maybe :wink:

Sorry I was busy for a long period, Im back again :slight_smile:

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