DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 02 -03


Training is on how can.stache works.

Justin Meyer

Last Week:

  • Proxies article
  • locate macros for stealjs
  • minor guide changes
  • meetup updates, doing jsjabber

Next Week:

  • Another CanJS release
  • finish less / locate hook
  • api docs and guides
  • NY/Boston; NC; Seattle Meetups

Chris Gomez

Last week:

  • Worked on can-derive release article (collecting data, making pretty graphs/diagrams)

This week:

  • Working on can-derive release article (a few significant revisions are needed)

Next week:

  • Hopefully publish can-derive article

Matthew Phillips

Last week:

  • Have been working in Steal to make using the NPM plugin better. Instead of fetching all package.jsons up-front we’ll now only fetch them as needed when we encounter statements like require('lodash') in code. This landed in system-npm.
  • Released Steal 0.14.0-pre.6.
  • Released DoneJS 0.7.0-pre.0 with these Steal changes for testing.

This week:

  • Testing this change (as it’s rather big) against the donejs-chat and place-my-order apps.

Last week:

  • CanJS bug fixes and 2.3.x releases

This week:

  • DoneJS plugin generator
  • DoneJS Vagrant image tests


Last week:

  • Paired up with Justin on #2218 (Deprecate can.Model’s in favor of can-connect). Justin helped me put can.Model in its own repository

This week:

  • Update master’s docs. Add deprecation warning for can.Model and link to can-connect
  • Remove can.Model in major branch
  • Pulling Mustache and EJS out of CanJS core and into their own modules which can be installed separately as needed.
  • Updated JavaScriptMVC site to promote DoneJS

Last week

Work on can-define to make it works for Array instances