DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 06 - 03

Justin can’t attend this hangout, so will make this thread:

Please post topics you’d like to discus.

  • each - helper with context assignment {{#each cities as city}}{{}}{{/each}}
  • partial context assignment `{{>dude with dudes}} ??? -> general variable assignment e.g. “as” “with”
  • canjs documentation update (website)
  • steal 1.0 status

Thanks for making the thread, I’ll create the hangout.

I’d like to discuss:

  • Making Can Components real Web Components by calling document.registerElement

Hangout page.

I’ll send an email with the hangout link to contributors before the meeting.

Last Week

  • Released DoneJS 0.10.0-pre.1 which includes all of the Can 3.0 packages. You can install it with npm install -g donejs@pre
  • Updated donejs-chat to use the pre-release.

This Week

  • Working on updating PMO with the prerelease.
  • Working on Steal 1.0.

Last Week

  • Submitted PR for can-map-define issue with serializing getter values
  • Published donejs-mocha 0.10 with Chai as default assertion library