DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 07 - 29



i think it is time release steal 1.0 ?

@matthewp is there an issue about this STEAL / SYSTEM thing?

Last Week:

  • 3.0 docs and bug fixes (can-define, can-stache)
    Next Week:
  • more docs, bit balls, portland talk

Last Week:

  • Finished and submitted PR for [] operator in can-stache

Next Week:

  • Will make foo().bar work in can-stache also

@pYr0x There’s this system-npm issue for allowing the use of "steal". I’ll make one in stealjs/steal to list all of the docs changes.

Created to track the doc changes.

Last Week:

  • Ran through DoneJS Place My Order Guide with donejs 0.9.2 on Windows.
  • Updated guide to use new Firebase Console version. Updated donejs-firebase to handle the breaking change.
  • can-route and can-route-pushstate docs.

Next Week:

  • Documenting can-compute, can-construct, and others.