DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 04 - 01



Last week:

  • Got the place-my-order guide to run in CI, both for Linux and Windows.
  • Added code coverage to generator-donejs and got the coverage up to 96%.

This week:

  • Working on done-ssr bugs when used with can-fixture.
  • Upgrading done-ssr to use the latest Steal version (currently on 0.13.x)
  • Working on fixing a long standing DocumentJS bug.
  • Adding code coverage and fixing bugs in system-npm,Steal’s npm plugin.

Last week

  • Worked on donejs-test-service
  • Added webhooks to donejs dependencies so it re-runs guide tests when new versions of said dependencies are published.

This week

  • Refactor and increase code coverage of donejs/cli
  • Refactor donejs/donejs cli binary
  • Added donejs add commands to donejs/donejs
  • Started working on steal-tools code coverage


Last Week:

  • Giving a training

Next Week:

  • Bugs found in training
  • Bitballs presentation, StealJS presentation
  • Generator Generator, can.Zone out
  • fixtures with can.set


Current week:

Investigated following issues:

  1. Stache #each with an object doesn’t update when keys are replaced #2318
  2. {{.}} does not create a compute #2238

Need more discussion and time to fix both the issues

Next week:

Pick and work on some other issue from the queue

Last week:

  • Still busy with client work sorry again

Next week

  • Finish can-define tests (2 test to make against stache expression and can.Component)
  • Work on issues in canjs

Last week:

  • General donejs add functionality
  • CanJS 3.0 preparation
  • Generator template overrides and work on donejs-mocha and donejs-jasmine generators

Next week:

  • Finalize generator guide and article
  • DoneJS 0.9.0, donejs-mocha and donejs-jasmine release
  • Further CanJS 3.0 work