How to set-up DoneJS aside from Node server

Hi all, I’m a newbie here. I would like to ask if there is a way on how to set-up DoneJS in XAMPP or in WAMP server. I’m on windows O.S

@kankuro do those servers support nodejs?

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DoneJS does not require running a NodeJS server. If you do not require server side rendering, you can set any webserver up to point to the DoneJS project folder and then navigate to the development.html and production.html (after a build) files in that folder to run your DoneJS application.

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Hello Justin, I have a NodeJS server installed on my local machine but just want to ask if DoneJS can be set-up without NodeJS server just like CanJS.

Thanks a lot daffl. I will take your advice and i will let you know guys once i’ve done it.

@justinbmeyer and @daffl: Thanks a lot for the help I manage to set-up DoneJS on a Tomcat server thanks a lot once again.