jQuery asset still requested after main bundle load

Test Case: https://github.com/shaunstepanowich/stealjs-jquery-issue


  1. This test is based almost 100% on stealjs quick start guide
  2. Main difference is the express server.
  3. Pretty much all configuration is coming right out of NPM

Test Case is a nodejs app using express as the web server.


  1. Clone repo, run npm install
  2. Run: grunt build
  3. Run: node app.js (server is on localhost:8080)
  4. In console in browser you’ll note the following:
    localhost:8080/dist/bundles/main.js (successful request)
    localhost:8080/jquery.js (404 request)

I think the main issue is that since you are loading steal from /steal, it does not know to use the NPM plugin.

One way to fix this is to change this line in your app.js

app.use('/steal',express.static(__dirname + '/node_modules/steal/'));


app.use('/node_modules', express.static(__dirname + '/node_modules/'));

and then change you Index.html to load steal from node_modules:

<script src="/node_modules/steal/steal.production.js" type="text/javascript" data-main="main"></script>

There are other ways to do this by setting configMain to package.json!npm (see here), so that you don’t have to expose all of node_modules. You may need to set other config options as well to get it to work though so it might be a little more complex.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks this helps a lot. I tried your suggestion and it did appear to work (in the test case at least)

I also took the steal.production.js file and put it into my own directory and then made it look like a node_modules directory:

app.use(’/node_modules/steal/’, express.static(__dirname + ‘/modules/steal/’));

This also seems to be working.

Is it really standard practice to expose node_modules directory as part of a web application, this seems very strange to me?

Thanks again.

you dont need to upload node_modules to your server. there a two ways:

@shaunstepanowich In development yes, we cannot load node_modules unless it is exposed. After you’ve done a build with steal-tools it will not need to have node_modules exposed.


Thanks everyone.