Possible Bug: flattening capitalization on parameter name in component instantiation

Creating a component in the normal way, I sent some data to it with:

<conditions-workspace-item-editor {workingCondition}="." />

I had fits trying to use it in the target component. Eventually, I found this:

Notice that the ‘C’ in ‘workingCondition’ has been lowercased to ‘workingcondition’

In addition, I had declared the property in the target component’s define section…

and that declared camel case version disappears.

I would have expected (considering the strange lowercasing behavior) that I would have two properties, one the declared one, ‘workingCondition’, and the other the inserted one, ‘workingcondition’.

If I am supposed to use all lowercase names in parameter passing, I could not find it in the docs.

I do not know what to make of this.


HTML is case insensitive so you should be hyphenating attributes like {working-condition}=".". There was a somewhat recent issue (#2391) to have can-stache automatically convert camelCase attributes to kebab-case which could prevent confusion.

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Actually, the opposite is happening. Kebab-case is converted to camelCase.

<conditions-workspace-item-editor {working-condition}="." />


The scope bindings convert kebab-case attributes to camelCase properties, yes, but in order for you to compose a template with camelCase attributes and have them properly interpreted, stache would have to convert them to kebab-case first (which is the suggestion) so they are accurately represented in the DOM for the secondary conversion.

That makes sense. Thanks.