Promise undefined - canjs - IE

I have problem with can.all.js. On IE8 error is caused in 11726 line (this.promise.catch…) but on IE 9+ console says “Promise undefined” and I can’t display parts of page depends on stache templates and my page have lost js functions as usual with this type of errors. What should I do? Do I have to add 3rd part promise? On IE8 I use jquery 1.11.3.

CanJS 3 supports IE9+, so unfortunately IE8 isn’t supported.

When you open this JS Bin in IE9, do you see errors in the console? If so, could you attach a screenshot please?

You need a promise polyfill for IE9. It’s mentioned here: , but we probably need it in the setting up CanJS guide. @chasen can you create an issue?

I just filed Add info about using a Promise polyfill to Setting Up CanJS.

On IE 11 W8.1 in my app I have following error: Promise is undefined. File: can.all.js, Line: 296, Column: 13