Simple app failing: just adding some links will make it fail

Hi I have this very simple app that is returning errors and reloading on each click on the links above:


import DefineMap from 'can-define/map/';
import route from 'can-route';
import 'can-route-pushstate';

const AppViewModel = DefineMap.extend({
  page: 'string',
  section: 'string',

route('{page}', { page: 'home' });
route('{page}/{section}', { section: null });

export default AppViewModel;


  <can-import from="tracker/app" export-as="viewModel" />
  <a class="navbar-brand" href="/home/any" ">Home</a> <a href="/link1/any ">Link1</a> <a href="/link2/any ">Link2</a>
  <br>Hello world
  {{#switch env.NODE_ENV}}
    {{#case "production"}}
      <script src=" {{joinBase 'steal.production.js'}} "></script>
      <script src="/node_modules/steal/steal.js "></script>

The error:

is it possible to make this a jsbin?

I finally found the answer: removing trailing spaces in the urls:

changing <a href="/link1/any ">Link1</a> to <a href="/link1/any">Link1</a> did the trick.