DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2018-01-19

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream:

Attendees: @pYr0x, @phillipskevin, @m-mujica, @matthewp, @justinbmeyer, @chasen

Epics & issues:

Last Sprint:

  • auto-mounting of Components (and other can-view-callbacks.tags)
  • removed warnings for undefined DefineMap keys

Next Sprint:

  • make it easy for people to test autoMount / connetedCallback
  • CanJS 4.0 codemods, migration guide
  • CanJS 4.0 release???

Demo: auto-mounting of Components

Last two weeks: conducted a user study, DoneJS LA, and worked on a client project

Next two weeks: hopefully finish client project

Demo/Topic: issues from the user study

Last Sprint:

Next Sprint:

  • CanJS 4.0 release article


  • value() API


  • how to test automounted / connectedCallback components

Last Sprint

Next Sprint

  • More improvements and bug fixes for the optimize build

Last Week

  • can-view-callbacks and MutationObservers, figuring out how the automount feature works in SSR.
  • Bug with live-reload and zones timing out. issue.
  • Triaging lots of donejs issues.

Next Week

  • Working on DoneJS 2.0 release.
    • donejs add travis and maybe donejs add heroku