DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2018-02-02 (survey 3 results!)

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Survey results

Live stream:

Epics & issues:

Last two weeks: helped conduct the survey; still working on a client project

Next two weeks: still working on a client project

Demo/topic: survey results

Last two weeks: Codemods for CanJS version 4 release, refactor of can-migrate to add versions and future-proof it plus bug fixes

Next week: Usability study issues

Previous Sprint: Get bitballs to work with the slim loader (lots of small fixes)
Next Sprint: Help with DoneJS 2.0
Demo: slim loader shared bundles support.

Last two weeks:

Next two weeks:

  • Working with forms guide
  • CanJS Devtools

Demo/topic: 4.0 /

This Week: