DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2018-04-27 (survey results)

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream:

Survey results:

Below is the ranking of each multiple choice option. After CanJS 5 (with can-query-logic and making can/es the default can export), we’ll work on improving the docs. We want to wait until after improving can-connect before we write a data guide. We will tackle what’s outlined in the Postact proposal, as an effort to bring CanJS’s observable/data features to a wider audience.

Last two weeks:

Next two weeks:


Last Two Weeks:

  • can-query-logic

Next Two Weeks:

  • can-query-logic
  • helping with CanJS 4.0
  • evangelism


  • direction and thoughts on Postact / RVM

Last two weeks

  • Finished up tree-shaking in steal-tools, available in steal-tools@pre.
  • Started working on figuring out can@5 tree shaking.

Next week

  • Finish up steal client-side tree shaking.
  • Get a full picture of canjs + steal tree shaking.

Last two weeks

Next two weeks

  • Continue solving CanJS/DoneJS issues