StealJS stops page render if CSS is 404

Is there a way to let browser continue rendering the page, even if some assets are missing, like CSS.

In the attached image we can see how the page is blank just because the CSS file is not found. Here it is 404, I understand but would be nice if it continues to render the page like a traditional web page. Am I missing anything?

I personally think this is kind of a feature in development mode. When the page is blank, I immediately go to the console for errors, whereas I personally might not think to look at the console if the page renders but the styling is off.

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How to build to production mode so that I am not informed of errors and page continues to render?

Here’s the guide on building for production:

Thanks @chasen. The production building also throws the same error. Here is my config file for steal-tools

"steal-build": {
  "default": {
    "options": {
      "steal": {
        "main": "pages/index",
        "config": __dirname + "/package.json!npm"
      "buildOptions": {
        "bundleAssets": true,
        "dest": "dist",
        "minify": false,
        "bundleSteal": true