Upcoming StealJS Roadmap

Thinking more about Steal’s near-future roadmap. Here’s how I see the priorities:


This is mostly our last chance to make needed breaking changes. The important things are:

  • npmAlgorithm: "flat" is the default, so this isn’t needed to be configured if using npm3+.
  • Upgrade to Babel 6
  • Include steal-conditional in Core.


  • New plugins API
    • Some small example plugins
  • Clean up core to bring in all core projects like system-npm and system-json that are currently external (for no good reason).


  • Dev bundles - This will allow you to bundle your node_modules/ folder for faster development.

cc @pYr0x


@matthewp, do you mean npmAlgorithm: “flat” is the default?

Yes! Sorry, we do need to add npmAlgorithm: “nested” for npm2 users as well.

@pYr0x brought up whether steal-conditional needs to be part of core. I think I agree with him, it doesn’t. It’s usable as is now (just add it as a configDependency) and can be something we make a plugin in 1.1.