NPM 3 Support is under development

Hello all, I’ve started working on adding support for NPM 3 in a branch of system-npm which you can find here:

It’s still early development with my test not passing. However it works well enough that I was able to get the donejs-chat sample application to load and work (including build+production).

If you’d like to test the branch (feedback would be appreciated) here’s what you can do.


Copy npm-utils.js, npm-extension.js, and npm.js from that branch into your local node_modules/steal/ext folder.

Then update your package.json to include:

  "system": {
    "npmAlgorithm": "flat"

This flag lets the plugin know you’re using NPM 3.

Then you can install NPM 3 with:

npm install -g npm

And verify with:

npm --version

Test your application and let me know here. When you’re ready to go back (these changes will not be permanent in your node_modules folder) you can install npm 2 with:

npm install -g npm@2.x

Thanks for any feedback!


Still looking for feedback on this one.

Could you do a pre-release that people could point to instead of copy/paste?

Not at this point, will do a prerelease prior to DoneJS 0.6.0 though.

This will likely be entering prerelease in the next couple of days.