DoneJS 3.0 Update

Several people have been asking about DoneJS 3.0 so I wanted to give an update about where it is at.

First, let me explain what DoneJS 3.0 is about. DoneJS 3.0 combines:

  • CanJS 5.0 - Using the can package.
  • StealJS 2.0 - Tree shaking
  • Incremental Rendering - Available since done-ssr 1.1.0, but now enabled by default.

A prerelease of DoneJS 3.0 is available right now that includes the first 2 new features; CanJS 5.0 and StealJS 2.0. You can install it with:

npm install -g donejs@pre

And then create a new app:

donejs add app my-donejs3-app

Note that this will be missing a few things:

  • The current prerelease using the traditional full server-side rendering.
  • The current prerelease does not utilize constructible can-components and the new way of doing routing.

My anticipated schedule for DoneJS 3 is:

  1. Get incremental rendering working with our core demo apps. This is what I’m currently working on. It is taking some time mainly because the http2 support in Node.js is quite a bit different from http1.
  2. Update the generators with the new way of doing routing.
  3. Enable incremental rendering by default.

When (2) is done I’ll create another prerelease and notify everyone here. Same for when (3) is done. I would expect DoneJS 3.0 to be releasing soon afterwards (after some last-second crossing of the i’s).


whats about the new approche for routeData thats described in ?

does that fit into donejs 3 ?

Yup! The constructible components pattern from the guide will be used in donejs 3. I’m working on updating the chat guide with what I think that will look like. I’ll post here when that’s done to get feedback (still discussing how this should work in practice).

One thing we are thinking about doing is turning the default into a DefineMap so that you can do to get the current page, for example. This would eliminate the need to do a bunch of serialize: false in you AppViewModel like people struggle with today. What do you think?

Thats a good idea… simplify routes a bit :slight_smile:

I am going to start working with this version of donejs soon, is this a good place to post issues?

@MarcGodard donejs/donejs ! :slight_smile: . Appreciate the beta testing!

I am not noticing much difference with the @pre version, and I can’t find a branch for it. I would like to work on this to help out and learn / get a deeper understanding of donejs. How can I help?

@MarcGodard i’m currently updating the donejs guides. You can see the chat guide here:

I haven’t gotten to the PMO guide yet. If you wanted to check it out and install the new version and go through it. Or update your person app or whatever and report bugs that would be nice. You have to install with npm install -g donejs@pre instead of donejs@3 for now.

Hey @matthewp,

Let’s say you have a feathers@3 express app using the latest release of done-ssr-middleware… Is it really a simple as changing seo to incremental:

ssr({}, {
 strategy: "incremental"

Or do we need to restructure how we serve data and such?