Will DoneJS run with Node 8.9.1

I just returned to the project I did with DoneJS last year. I got errors when I ran Steal, etc on the project. I rolled back to 6.whatever and it ran ok but I don’t want that.

Before I put a bunch of work into figuring it out, do I expect DoneJS to work with 8.9.1 if I upgrade or something? Does anyone have experience with it working on LTS?


DoneJS should definitely work with Node 8.9.1. I’m not aware of any open issues related to Node 8. What were the errors that you ran into?

I want to emphasize that I haven’t done anything to figure out what this means. I wanted to find out if there were any known problems before I dug in.

Also, it works perfectly well with 6.10.3 this very day.

Here is the error:

We haven’t explored 8 support yet. We’d HAPPILY accept some patches :-).

DoneJS tests do in 8 currently, so I don’t think there’s an issue. Keep in mind that with npm your dependencies can get out of order, so you might want to delete your package-lock.json file…

Thanks. I’ll do what I can.