Upgrade to 3.13.1


Hi all,

I managed to resolve my issue with can-route from 7th of August by upgrading all packages.
The downside: Two event related things formerly working in the html-file don’t do anything anymore.

  1. on:enter

    Typing into the text field and hitting enter does not do anything. Changing on:enter to on:el:click
    calls App.function when clicking into the text field

  2. passing %event
    Similar for a different input field, having on:el:blur=“App.function(%event)” will call App.function
    but the event is passed as undefined

Any idea what I am doing wrong?



Please describe your question here. Fork this CodePen to make examples.


@nada I think you need to add the enter event to the global custom event registry as shown here: https://v3.canjs.com/doc/can-event-dom-enter.html


This shows scope.event working on blur: https://justinbmeyer.jsbin.com/penopov/edit?html,js,console,output


Thx scope.event instead of %event works