Wiring can-fixture to url parameters

Let’s say you have a can-connect like: (or a supermap)

var todoConnection = can.connect(["data-url"],{
  url: {
    getData: "GET /todos/{id}?prop={val}",

todosConnection.getData({id: 5, prop:'abc'});

How can I wire up the fixture to query the store based on prop?

const store = fixture.store([{id:5, prop:'abc',...}];
  'GET /signs/get/{id}?prop={val}': store.findOne,

Do I need to overwrite store.findOne? Or is there a better way to do it?

@dbleier I’m about to release can-fixture 0.2. With this you should be able to write something like:

var todoAlgebra = new set.Algebra(...)
var todoStore = fixture.store(
    [{id:5, prop:'abc',...}],
fixture("/todos/{id}", todoStore)