Building and electron app with stealJS

Hello everyone,

I am trying to package a steal based application with electron, without success.

The application is fairly simple, just a single page displaying a message, and works fine with steal or after a build using steal-tools.

However, all my attempts to use electron or steal-electron failed, with the same error:

Error: Error loading "test@0.0.1#TestMain" at http://localhost:8079/testApp/test@0.0.1%23TestMain.js

Steal should look for the TestMain class in src/js/test/TestMain.js. Which is done correctly when using steal in standalone, as the main class and source directory are correctly defined in the package.json.

I have tried several version of steal, steal-electron and electron. Right now I am on the latest release for all three.

I hope I was clear enough, don’t hesitate to ask me for more details if you think it could be useful.

Any help on the subject will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@aberlioz are you following the example in the steal-electron readme: ?

It would help if you could push your project to github so we can take a look.

@phillipskevin I did started out from the example you mentioned, which I tried to adapt to my current project.

After several tries, I found out that the reason my builds were not working with electron was that I was using the bundleSteal: true option in my steal-tools configuration.

So it seems we are not supposed to use this option when building an electron application.

Does it make sense ?