Can't access viewModel for autorender

Update: here the bug is reproduced.

I have the following template (grabbed from can.autorender docs):

  <script id="demo" type='text/stache' can-autorender>
    Autorender: message = {{message}}!
  <script src='node_modules/steal/steal.js'

The fragment created for the table is rendered right after the script tag. Is its viewModel supposed to be accessible (attached) via the script tag?

When in console I am trying:


the message is not getting updated.

Note: this happens only for StealJS setup.

In your jsbin you have:


Where it should probably be:


It also looks as though one can set individual attributes as follows:


It also appears as though the following works as it would replace the entire model:

$('#demo').viewModel({ message: 'Hi'})

Although, one would probably want to use a real model such as a can.Map or other structure.

The console also seems to work. Did you perhaps leave out the # there too (although you have it in the quetion).

Hi Eben, thank you for the corrections of my mistakes in JSBin. So, in this JSBin I cannot reproduce my problem that I have with StealJS setup. I should probably try to publish it somewhere.

Here the bug is reproduced with StealJS setup.

Here in JSBin without StealJS its working well

The $('#demo').viewModel() has the updated message property, but the template is not getting updated.
Also, _cid in the 1st case is .map8, in JSBin its .map3.

Created an issue