DoneJS to V3 Upgrade Confusion

I started with the DoneJs restaurant example guide. Using that as a base, I have written a substantial application. Along the way, CanJS 3 was released along with new Steal, etc. I am soon to go live with this application and, of course, want to bite the upgrade bullet before that happens.

Recently, I wrote a small app from scratch using CanJS 3 and new Steal. It went pretty well.

I cannot find any guidance on moving a DoneJS app into a CanJS (and Steal 1.0) context. Advice would be appreciated.


In particular,

“done-autorender”: “^0.8.0”

has a define() that calls for


Not only does is this different from the module calling format described in the CanJS 3 docs, it refers to a file that is not present in the done-autorender directory. I note also that done-autorender comes in as the same version as before.

This makes me very confused. Is DoneJS compatible with CanJS V3?

We are working on updating DoneJS to work with CanJS 3 and StealJS 1.0.

There are currently “alpha” versions of all of the done-* projects (for instance you can run npm install --save done-autorender@alpha to get a version that might resolve your issue.

That being said, these are “alpha” versions. You might run in to issues and it’s possible that some APIs will change (although you’re probably not directly using any DoneJS APIs).

We’re working on getting DoneJS 1.0 out as soon as possible.

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That was GREAT!! It got me past a log of trouble.

If you don’t mind helping with the next problems…

I am getting many occurrences of

can-component.prototype.template: is deprecated and will be removed in a future 
release. Use can-component.prototype.view

I am not using ‘template()’ explicitly anywhere.

Is this coming from @alpha?

Do I need to worry?

This means in one of your components you’re doing

    template: ...

That template should be changed to view.