DoneJS and StealJS/CanJS versions

Does DoneJS (actual version) work with CanJS@3.2?

I started working with CanJS@3,2 and builded some modules/components. I would like to use them with in a new DoneJS project but when I build the application template many modules (i.e. can-stache, can-component, can-define/map/map for example) are missing in the node_modules directory.

Thank you.

The DoneJS CLI doesn’t generate code with CanJS 3 yet. Updating DoneJS to use CanJS 3 and Steal 1 will be a priority as soon as we get them both announced. You can follow this issue on GitHub:

Until then, you can follow the migration guide to update a DoneJS project from CanJS 2 to 3.

Thank you @chasen!
Waiting for the updates of the DoneJs CLI update, I try the migration guide.

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