It would be nice if each repo explained the necessary steps to setup the repo with a simple example.

If a file named is placed in the root of the repo, the following alert appears above the textarea when creating new issues on GitHub:

Please review the guidelines for contributing to this repository.

This document can often be very helpful when you’re new to a large project and not sure how to “try out” a change you want to make.

For instance, you’ve been using an NPM dependency as part of a larger composition (like how DoneJS includes many smaller parts that you don’t look at until there’s a problem or missing feature) and then you don’t know how to set up that dependency on it’s own to try out some changes because you’re only used to it being included automatically in a much larger context.

So it would be helpful if the component repos explained how to use them on their own!

Definitely a good idea, I think we have this in some of the repos but not all of them. Perhaps the donejs plugin generator could include this file.

Apparently it is also possible to have issue templates: