Typo in your tutorial eample

To Whom It May Concern

I have no idea who is reponsible for the code in the DoneJS tutotials / guildes etc (which I have been assiduously folowing, but if the cap fits then may I avert you to the following


… and the ‘donejs add supermodel city’ command which along with Much Magic creates a …src/models/cities;js file which contains a veritable bug, to whit

url: ‘/api/citties’, …

Which the sharp eyed amongst you will note contains an N-titly when N===t===2 and not, as it should, a mere 1, thereby causing my browser much Grief and Confusion.

Now maybe I should be rolling up my sleeves and submitting Git Pull requests or whatever that Thingie is, BUT

To an old codger for whom the word ‘Git’ is a North of England term of abuse (or friendship, it’s complicated), I hesitate …

I beg to remain

Your humble and obedient servant

You can edit on the web

And see who wrote what

Code for steps is here