DoneJS Contributors Meeting - 2016 - 04 - 29

Please add any topics you’d like to discuss.

Hangout Link


  • DoneJS governance.

I’d like to discuss upgrade paths between minor versions. A couple of options for discussion are:

  • Release notes explaining how to upgrade.
  • An additional cli feature as discussed in this issue.
  • Some other tool that refactors your code appropriately.
  • Naming convention for canjs, donejs and stealjs repos
  • list all stealjs plugins on the homepage (like steal-jsx and steal-sass)

Created a package that makes connecting to a Feathers server very easy:

Created the connect-model generator:

  • [ ] Adding an additional prompt to the supermodel generator for using a modlet folder.
  • [x] Naming for a naked supermodel generator which will also use the same modlet folder question. (one that makes it easier to modify behaviors) Maybe connect-model
  • Worked on a few small generator bugs
  • Working on donejs-mocha


Last week

  • Gave a talk about DoneJS on a local meetup

  • Investigate how to install postgresql for bitballs docs

Next week

  • Finish postgresql installation docs


Last Week:

  • Lots of 3.0 progress

Next Week:

  • Bitballs article and 3.0 alpha release.