DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-01-13

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Last Week:

  • DoneJS Chicago Meetup
  • Bitcentive launch, outline guide
  • CanJS 3.4

Next Week

  • Bitcentive rough draft
  • Helping can-define-validate-validatejs get released
  • monitoring and QAing our OS tools


  • What to do with unmaintained projects that are part of our orgs.

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • More DoneJS 1.0

Last week:

Next week:

Last Week

  • Updated donejs-chat to use the latest stuff.
  • Working on updating the chat guide to 1.0.

Next Week

  • More DoneJS 1.0 stuff.

Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @Bajix @chasen @justinbmeyer @Macrofig @matthewp @phillipskevin @pYr0x @RyanWheale

Discussed topics:

CanJS 3.4 release:

“Sticky” bindings:

  • Example: <input {($value)}="firstName"/> with firstName setter that changes firstName
  • Unsticky (current behavior): the input’s value doesn’t get updated based on the changes made in the firstName setter
  • Sticky (maybe previous can-value behavior?): the input’s value does get updated if changes are made in the firstName setter
  • Waiting to see if any tests break before we discuss it further

DoneJS Chicago Hack Night:

  • No one came with their own questions, so it turned into a quick start guide talk
  • Need to figure out how to create engaging content for regular DoneJS meetups
  • Idea: organize remote meetups

Handling unmaintained projects in our open source GitHub organizations:

  • Problem: we have various projects that are either old/deprecated or just unmaintained
    – Examples: can-rx, steal-react-jsx, & steal-sass
  • Solutions:
    – Deprecated/old projects: put a notice and include links to replacements
    – Unmaintained projects: put a notice that says we’re looking for maintainers; include a cute graphic of a turtle looking for a home