DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-08-11


Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Last Week:

  • Streaming presentation
  • Working on Bitovi’s org structure

Next Week:

  • Maintainable articles


  • Incremental rendering overview


  • should we move steal to 2.0 to get people using native promises?


Last week:

  • Bitovi org structure

Next week:

  • can-connect and can-set


Last Week

Next Week

  • Creating a training on HTTP/2.
  • Creating a training on Bundle Manifest files.



  • Bundle Manifest Tools API: link


Last week

I was not able to do contributions

Next week:

Work on CanJS/DoneJS



  • on:el: and on:vm: bindings

This week:

Next week:

  • canjs 3.10.0


Last Week:

Next Week: