DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-02-17

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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This week:

Next week:

  • Make FileNavigation a guide?
  • CanJS roadmap article
  • Bitcentive Guide (unlikely)
  • 3.5 release (unlikely)

This week:

  • Updated guides to use updated supermodel generators (and fix some issues with the generator)
  • Updated generator-donejs to handle issues if user doesn’t have permission to write to their home directory
  • Looking into DoneJS 1.0 issues in MS Edge

This past week:

Next week:

This week

  • Some fixes to the DoneJS mobile site (on major branch)
  • Working on steal-tools development bundles

Next week

  • Continue working on the development bundles feature

Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @chasen @daffl @ilyavf @justinbmeyer @phillipskevin @pYr0x

Discussed topics:

Next DoneJS Chicago meetup:

Handle 404s:

  • DoneJS should probably handle 404s out of the box
  • Need feedback on what’s in the issue

Support customizing Babel / core JS transpiler:

Make it easy to call the current template as a partial: