DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-05-12


Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:



  • make doesn’t work on Windows without additional tooling :confused:
  • Enabling Snyk on our repos to find and fix vulnerabilities in our dependencies

Last week:

Next week:

  • Write my SitePoint article
  • Continue working on the migration guide blog post
  • Work on other outside evangelism

This week:

Next week:

  • Get very basic @signature working.
  • Continue converting from documentjs -> bit-docs, and rewording docs.

Last Week:

Next Week:

  • Bitovi new hire training


  • can-animate MIck
  • interfaces for can-connect Nils

Last Week:

  • Vacation
  • HTTP2 integration into DoneJS (more to come here).

Next Week:

  • Writing an article on HTTP2 ideas.

Last week:

  • CanJS 3.7.0
    • can-connect-cloneable
    • can.defineStreamKefir
    • bug fixes
  • CanJS 3.8.0
    • you can now use promise-likes in can-stache
    • spaces in attribute names and event bindings (for future animation support)
    • more bug fixes

Next week:

  • Speaking at Indy.js
  • can-reflect

Last Week:

Next Week:



Last Week:


Sorry for the strange links: “new users can only put 2 links in a post.” :frowning:

Last Week

  • Worked on Add blur action for testing blur events (bitovi/funcunit/issues/182)
  • Fixed Edit on GitHub leads to 404 (canjs/bit-docs-html-canjs/pull/232)
  • Finished Create the About page (/canjs/canjs/pull/3237)
  • Fixed Scroll up from top of page reveals bug in IOS (/canjs/bit-docs-html-canjs/pull/230)
  • Finished Remove the GitHub stars from the packages in the Collections list (/canjs/canjs/pull/3232)
  • Worked on Create the API Docs page (/canjs/canjs/pull/3242)
  • Fixed source link herlper (/canjs/bit-docs-html-canjs/pull/237)
  • Updated Fixes janky table of contents menu (/donejs/bit-docs-donejs-theme/pull/49)

Next Week

  • New hire training! :tada: :smiley:
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Attendees: @chasen @justinbmeyer @kdillon @matthewp @mickmcgrath13 @Nils @phillipskevin

Discussed topics:

make doesn’t work on Windows without additional tooling:

Enabling Snyk on our repos to find and fix vulnerabilities in our dependencies:

  • Snyk opens PRs for vulnerabilities, makes patches for modules that haven’t been fixed yet, and can be integrated into our build process
  • Decided to experiment with it by enabling it just on donejs/donejs


Nils got his audio working right as we ended the broadcast, so after the stream we discussed the API for Add “interface” checks to can-connect behaviors


Keep it going. Make sure you can post links next time :slight_smile: