DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-06-02

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Live Stream:


Last Week:

Next Week:

  • Training some new hires


  • How to release can-reflect

Last week:

  • Working on can-dom-events

Next week:

  • Gone for new hire training


This Week:

This week:

  • working on can-connect proposal
  • review of potential can-connect integration with other technologies

Next week:

  • first implementation of a can-connect behavior bundle

Topics: can-connect behavior ordering & bundling

This week:

  • CanJS 3.8.2 - memory leak fix, equal converter with 3+ arguments, 10+ bug fixes
  • all “core” can- libraries using can-reflect. can-stache / can-stache-bindings using Observations / Reflective values instead of computes

Next week:

This Week

  • Major changes to the slim loader shim
  • Getting the simple app example to build with the new format
  • Modify transpile to output the revised version of the slim format
  • Finally getting the progressive app example building with steal-tools

Next Week

  • Figure out how to get CSS working with the slim loader

This Week:

  • CanJS design changes
  • CanJS site search
    Next Week:
  • Training in Chicago :muscle:

Topic: Node 8 “support” in DoneJS

Attendees: @bmomberger-bitovi @chasen @chrisbitme @justinbmeyer @leoj3n @Nils @phillipskevin and Christopher Baker

Discussed topics:

Committing package-lock.json files:

  • npm@5 introduces a lockfile
  • greenkeeper-lockfile
  • Including the lockfile gives us some determinism in looking at build results and replicating issues
  • We don’t use lockfiles now because we want to be exposed to the same issues users might have if they’re running the latest versions of every package
  • Chris is taking ownership of coming up with our policy and looking into whether we can add another Travis build that updates package-lock.json
  • Follow-up: Chris tested the Travis idea in can-dom-events

Releasing can-reflect:

  • The usage of can-reflect within various existing modules causes backwards-compatibility problems when some modules are updated and others are not—e.g. a new version of can-stache may not work with old versions of can-compute (or it might throw and error)
  • So… is this a breaking change? Everything within a single version of can will work correctly, and if your individual module versions match our release versions, everything will work, but upgrading some of the individual modules and not others will cause issues
  • Bigger issue: multiple versions of can-observation aren’t supported
  • We’ve already shipped new versions of CanJS that have this same “problem,” so this might not be a big deal
  • Tabled the discussion until there’s more of the core team available to vote on whether we need to ship the can-reflect improvements as CanJS 4

can-connect behavior ordering & bundling:

  • Goal: make can-connect behavior configuration easier by offering “bundled” behaviors that configure your connection correctly
  • See Nils’ notes for more information on what he presented

This meeting ran long so we tabled other topics/demos.