DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-05-26


Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).


Live Stream:


Last week:

Next week:


This Week

  • can-reflect

Next Week

  • can-reflect

This Week

  • can-validate-interface alpha release

Next Week

  • can-connect NEXT API design

This Week

  • can-stache-animate
    • $inserted & $beforeremove events

This Week:

  • New cjs -> slim transpiler (and steal-tools integration)

Next Week

  • Get plugins to work with the slim shim (css, less…)

This Week:

  • Worked on Spring 2017 Design Changes epic

Next Week:

  • Finish my issues in Spring 2017 Design Changes epic
  • Work on 2017 Developer Relations epic

This Week:

  • Bugfixes around preventDefault not being honored in IE

Next Week

  • Begin the audit of event fidelity
  • First step: Begin converting the Syn tests to use testpages, rather that creating, testing and destroying elements.
  • Why is this important?: Converting to testpages will allow the same test targets to be used easily by either funcUnit or a human, which we can use to ensure accuracy of event order and types.

There were some questions in the chat about being able to track events on a page. I realize that my description of the tools probably wasn’t thorough enough. The tool that I was using is in Chrome Developer Tools, its called “Timeline”. Its basically a record and end, will capture any events during that time. Then you can zoom in on different timeframes. It will capture all interactions, and the events that it generates. Here’s what it looks-like:

Hope this helps!


This week:

  • testee 0.6.0: native promises
  • can-stache-bindings 3.1.5: memory leak
  • can-fixture 1.0.14: misuse warnings

Next week:

  • can-dom-events

Attendees: @chasen @chrisbitme @kdillon @matthewp @phillipskevin

Discussed topics:

FuncUnit & Syn:

  • MathWorks starting an audit of events to find events that don’t map one-to-one to what is actually generated in the browser
  • Goal: increase accuracy of events generated by Syn
  • Will have more to report in the coming weeks :blush:

Testee 0.6.0

  • Native promises!
  • Deprecated the Grunt task in Testee
    • It’ll be removed in a future version—switch to using the grunt-testee package

can-stache-bindings 3.1.5:

  • Fixes leak with event bindings
  • Thank you Szabolcs Schmidt for filing so many memory-related issues!

@kdillon @matthewp @chrisbitme syn already has a test page that records how the browser behaves.


Hah, that’s funny, I was actually looking at that page while we were talking, trying to figure out of that’s what it was for, but I thought it might be something else. Thanks!