DoneJS Contributors Meeting 2019-01-04

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

Live stream at ~8:30 am Pacific:

Last two weeks:

  • Add Define.prototype.includes function and document it
  • Fix calling partials stored in LetContext as Call Expressions
  • QueryLogic.isDefinedAndHasMembers now returns a boolean instead of the query
  • Other fixes

Next two weeks

  • Continue fixing canjs/donejs bugs and add enhancements

Last Week

  • Worked on DoneJS bugs that came up.
  • Made portals work in SSR.
  • Finished DoneJS 3 article, ready to go.

Next Week

  • Working on a simplified version of done-ssr incremental for non-DoneJS users.


Last couple weeks:

Next couple weeks:

  • Continue working on the homepage redesign
  • Start organizing the first Bitovi online meetup


  • Homepage process (and maybe brainstorming ideas for the online meetup, depending on time)

Last two days

Next two weeks

  • CanJS Devtools Breakpoints
  • Data Guide


  • devtools panel
  • performance fix