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I’ve been a longtime user of javascriptMVC/canjs but I’ve lost touch with how to do things these days. I want to rewrite an old app of mine, but somehow the examples never go deep enough to be helpful.

Could anyone point me in the right direction how to setup a simple CRUD system?

Let’s say I have 2 models: Users, Orders. I want to create a simple CRUD management system:
left side a menu with links to Users, Orders

If I click on Users: display a list of users. When I click on a row the list is replaced with an individual edit screen.

I figure I need to use can-route with paths like /user/[id] and /order/[id]
I’ve got the models already set up, what I’m struggling with is how to set up the ViewModels. Can anyone give me a simple setup? Which file structure to use?

I can respond more in depth later, but have you seen the advanced DoneJS guide (place-my-order)? There’s also the bitballs example app.

If you didn’t know these exist, that’s a usability problem of our site. I’d like to hear why you think you didn’t discover them.

Btw, bitballs players page is almost exactly the use case you are looking for.

Hi Justin,

I didn’t see this because I was looking through the
documentation. This is on donejs.
I’ll look into this. Thanks a lot

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