Upgrade Path From 2.0.4

I have a very old, large scale application that was written using CanJS v2.0.4 and was wondering what the upgrade path might look to bring it into 2018.

This thing was started many years ago before can.Component was even introduced.

Just curious if it make more sense to start over from scratch given how old the code is. This application is a collection of many single page web apps all developed (added to the larger app) over time. Some of the old stuff uses old school Controls and models. Some of the newer code took advantage of early implementation of components. It’s a jungle in there.

Hope all in the CanJS/DoneJS/Bitovi community are doing well…

@thecountofzero good to hear from you.

can-control still exists so you should be good. Are the templates EJS or mustache?

There’s still a legacy model too, so that should have you covered.

Is it written with tests? Modlets?

If you want, I can probably take a look next week to see what it would take. Thanks!