Ramifications of continuing to use ejs?


I read in the docs that ejs is deprecated from 2.1 onward, and possibly dropped from 3.0

However, it seems it may live beyond 3.0 as a plugin

Apart from the incompatibility with Can.component, are there other considerations that would make it wise to convert to stache sooner than later (performance, memory, etc?)

Is stache the go-forward, or is jsx-ish impending
(see canjs-roadmap-discussion discussion)

Thank you for your feedback,

Stache is going to be the default for 3.0. It’s faster than comparative EJS templates for most applications. So EJS is going to be dropped, but moved into a plugin. We’ll accept fixes and even features, but we won’t be working on EJS anymore.

No matter what new templating technology may be developed, it will almost certainly be based around can.Component and view models.

I wouldn’t expect the JSX thing for at least 6-9 months. Also, if we do build it, it will use can.stache’s technology infrastructure so using both template engines will not be very costly and they will be made to work together.

So my advice is to start building things in stache. If and when the JSX-ish templates land, you should be able to use them side by side.

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Thank you for the reply Justin.