Solo Dev Lessons - 2018 - May the 4th

On Wednesdays and Fridays, I meet with folks at Bitovi to discuss problems they are facing. I’m going to try to share the good bits:

Use getters to change data for a format better for the view.

Someone had data like:

  {step: 1, name: "wash dishes"},
  {step: 1, name: "clean floor"},
  {step: 2, name: "wash car"},
  {step: 2, name: "get gas"}

And they wanted the data to show up like:

  • step 1
    • wash dishes
    • clean floor
  • step 2
    • wash car
    • get gas

I suggested using a getter to prepare the data for the view:

get nestedSteps(){
  var steps = [];
  this.steps.forEach(function(steps, newStep){
      steps.push( {step: newStep.step, children: [newStep] }  );
    if(step.step === steps[steps.length-1].step){
      return steps;
    } else {
     steps.push( {step: newStep.step, children: [newStep] }  );
  return steps;


  <li>Step {{step}}