State of can-validate

What is the current state of the can-validate pluggin?

I understand that the old validations plugin is being depreciated, but I don’t see and AMD compliant version of can-validate.

Any plans to make an AMD version of the new validation plugin? Will it be registered with Bower?

It’s being actively developed, and it looks like there’s an AMD build that’s being published to npm. I’m not sure if it will be published to Bower or not, we have migrated most canjs projects to npm. But you can file an issue and ask him.

Aha. I think I now understand why I keep getting requests to “add a dist folder”. The dist folder has a build for CommonJS, AMD, and it also has global files… but it is only shipped with npm. I honestly didn’t consider Bower or direct usage through Github as a use case.

We can have a discussion about adding it to Bower. As Matthew said, just create in issue on the repo. I will say my only concern is getting the update process automated so I don’t have to worry about it.

Once you’ve registered on Bower all you have to do is remember to create a tag, there is no bower publish or anything you have to run with each release. I do it in Steal for now, it’s not a huge burden, some times I forget to bump the version in the bower.json but otherwise no one’s really complained.

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