DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-01-06

Please add topics for discussion (and your status if you’re a contributor).

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Two main issues that I am having that I would like talked about are.

can-view-import lack of error reporting ( this gets annoying )

bitballs ssr bug ( I think someone mentioned that they are working on this one already )


  • not a contributor
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Solved on paper:


This week:

Next Week:

  • Bitcentive launch
  • Bitcentive guide
  • DoneJS 1.0



Last Week

  • Refactored done-css to inherit from steal-css.
  • can-zone bug causing bitballs ssr issues.
  • Did a few Steal patch releases based on bugs discovered.
  • Working on upgrading done-component to latest/greatest.

Next Week

  • Whatever is needed to get DoneJS 1.0 out the door.

Status last week:

Next week:

Last Week

  • Worked on steal-conditional guides (already released)
  • Working on steal-tools watch mode bug

Next Week

  • Probably work on a steal-conditional article

Last week

  • Correct canjs V2 jsfiddle examples URLs
  • Try to install bitballs on linux and document how to configure postgresql

Next week
Contribute to DoneJS1.0

Last Week:

  • Updated CanJS Release process - production tests now run in CI
  • CanJS 3.3.1
  • DoneJS 1.0 - updated done-serve and donejs-cli; started generator-donejs and donejs

Next Week:

  • more DoneJS 1.0

Last week

  • can-validate-legacy published
  • can-validate-legacy docs added to canjs (PR needs merging)
  • documenting can-validate changes

This Week

  • Can-validate 1.0.0 prerelease ready
  • can-validate-validatejs 0.0.1 release ready
  • Helping with recruiting
  • Working on publishing remaining issues and documentation

Rough meeting notes:

Attendees: @Bajix @chasen @cherif_b @imjoshdean @justinbmeyer @Macrofig @matthewp @pYr0x

Discussed topics:

Removing @index and @key:

  • How should we handle this breaking change?
  • Start a major branch for breaking changes; we’ll coalesce all of them into a can-stache 4.0 release
  • There’s already a deprecation warning for those two keys
  • We’ll eventually figure out how we want to handle new major versions of CanJS
    – Maybe coalesce multiple breaking changes in different modules into one major CanJS release
    – Maybe release new major versions every ~6 months

tag registration:

  • General consensus on moving forward with the proposal

@Nothing_New’s issues:

can-define mixin behaviors:

  • Kinda similar to can-connect’s behaviors
  • This is one proposal; still looking for better solutions

Linting DoneJS components:

  • Josh’s module helps you lint .js and .component files

Node versions poll:

  • Most people are on a recent version or would not have a difficult time upgrading
  • Current strategy: support Node 4, 6, 7 for now; wait until we have issues with 4 before making a decision about dropping it