DoneJS Contributors Meeting – 2017-12-08

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  • A segment from my queues and trees talk at donejs chicago.

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  • December community update
  • Continue working on CanJS 4.0


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  • can-stache 4.0

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  • on:click="foo().bar().baz()"

@matthewp In the video you talk about false positives.

Do you also mean these kind of warnings: WARN: src/mystache:2: role="textbox" is deprecated. Use role:from="'textbox'" instead.

We get a lot of warnings because of attributes on components, that should not be fixed. Like role, aria-label, data-key, … We try to make our components as accessible as possible so we need to add aria attributes.

Or isn’t this the way you guys develop things?

@jeroencornelissen Yes, that is a false positive. The problem is that can-stache-bindings doesn’t distinguish between attributes and viewmodel bindings. If you wouldn’t mind filing an issue about this in can-stache-bindings, that would be great. I would want to champion getting this fixed. I think the way we do it is wrong; assuming all attribute bindings are meant to attach to the viewmodel.

Submitted issue #381

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@phillipskevin is this fixed in 4.0?

That warning is not present in 4.0 since we removed this behavior (we no longer set properties on the viewmodel from normal attributes).