You’re Invited to Bitovi’s Community Slack

Bitovi has a new community Slack that you can join here:

If you already use Slack, this is an easy way to talk to the core team and other CanJS/DoneJS/StealJS users. Follow the link above to join our Slack and you’ll immediately be added as a new member. :blush:

If you don’t already use Slack, you might like it a lot more than our current chat platform (Gitter). Slack has decent “native” apps, threads for conversations, reactions to messages, better search, a way to copy messages to Discourse, and whole lot more. :tada:

As we’ve expanded to work with other technologies (e.g. React with SSR, ylem, etc.), our community is expanding beyond just the open source projects that we’ve started. We also have more interests than just development. In our community Slack, you’ll find channels for React, design, and more.

Come hang out with the Bitovi team on our new Slack and let us know what you think. :speech_balloon: We’re excited to chat with you there. :smiley:

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I mentioned above that you can copy messages to Discourse.

Here’s how: type /discourse post and a bot will ask you for the starting and ending messages, then give you a link to a draft forum post.

If you type /discourse post URL with a link to a thread in Slack, you’ll get a forum post draft with all the messages in that thread.

If you type /discourse post X where X is a number, the bot will select the last X messages in the channel for your forum post.

Slack has a limited message history and isn’t indexed by Google, but with the above commands, it’s a little easier to move entire chat threads into Discourse. :confetti_ball:

I set up some other integrations to automatically post the following content to Slack:

  • New threads in this forum
  • Issues, pull requests, & releases from the CanJS, DoneJS, & StealJS GitHub orgs
  • Tweets from the bitovi, canjs, donejs, & stealjs Twitter accounts
  • Questions on Stack Overflow tagged with canjs, donejs, or stealjs

At least, I think I set up these integrations correctly. :sweat_smile: