10 months of survey results

Thanks everyone for filling out the surveys! Here’s what we’ve done in the last 10 months based on the community’s votes:

Here’s what folks have voted on in the past 10 months. All but the last 3 have been accomplished.

  • Make CanJS easier to debug
  • Group API docs by purpose instead of collection
  • Queues for error-free and traceable code
  • Make it easier to configure and understand can-set
  • Allow can-observe to make plain Objects and Arrays observable
  • Add a “Routing” guide
  • Add a “Working With Forms” guide
  • Dynamic and late-mounting custom elements
  • Improve error messages and handling
  • Minimize bundle size with tree-shaking
  • Create DevTools for CanJS
  • Improve routing to components
  • Make CanJS Tree-Shakable
  • Easy state management for React with can-observe
  • Improve compatibility with webpack
  • Make can-stache even more like JavaScript
  • Logic Guide
  • Improve the content of the CanJS documentation (in progress)
  • Make it possible to support IE11 (in progress)
  • Create a CanJS Getting Started video (in progress)

That’s pretty amazing if you ask me!